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Hélène Cadieux

A long-time yoga practitioner and teacher, Hélène values natural health in her personal and professional life. In early 2020, she graduated with Honours from the International Academy of Massage in Ottawa. Her hours of practical training have shown her the impact of fascia work on musculosketal and nerve disorders when used with Swedish massage techniques, trigger point therapy and deep tissue techniques. She also saw how lymphatic drainage alleviates chronic stuffiness and acute inflammation, amongst other issues, and she is always amazed at how knowledgeable therapeutic touch can soothe the nerves, calm the whole system and reduce pain.

Hélène likes the challenge of meeting each individual’s unique needs, and loves working with different types of clients. She likes to find and address the cause of an issue rather than putting a band-aid on it. Recognizing that health is a habit, she empowers clients to continue their healing at home, by giving them the tools and knowledge to do so, such as PNF or static stretches, for example.

Compassionate, yet stubborn enough to be effective, Hélène supports you in achieving your health goals.

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